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    Smart LED solution

    with less than two years payback time

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    The company is committed to continuous improvement and environmentally friendly solutions and hence has decided to support the efforts to refurbish the old metal-halide lighting into the new LED system.


      By using a controllable
    LED lighting system

    we can finetune the lighting to the exact needs of the task. Besides saving on energy and costs, we can provide a better working environment for our employees. The old light sources didn’t provide sufficient illumination and quality of light, our goal was to improve these for the workers.”


    - Csaba Csőke, Facility Manager, CLAAS Hungária Kft



    Since the factory is extending in size, the energy savings are a crucial aspect of the refurbishment.  The company had two options: either expand the purchased electrical capacity or significantly improve energy efficiency.

    The challenge

    The LED lighting system and services


    The reasons why they choose Signify are the exceptionally high specifications, the 5-year warranty, the easy and simple maintenance, the DALI compatibility and the flawless professional communication and cooperation between the certified installer of CLAAS, Vill-ex Kft. and Signify.

    Moreover the possibility of remote access and scalability – self-controlled dimming, on/off switching, presence detection, setting of minimum and maximum light levels, the high efficacy of the LED luminaires (153lm/W) – were all major factors in the selection process, since these guarantee the proper illumination levels in an energy efficient manner and constant quality across the workstations in the factory.

    • BY481P LED350S/840 PSD MB GC SI
      BY481P LED350S/840 PSD MB GC SI
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